Welcome to my website and corresponding blog!

The website is intended to give you (visitors) a chance to get to know my interests and my work. I hope we can connect as a result of what you find here. I’m always excited to meet new likeminded teachers, administrators, researchers, and advocates. I’m also happy to share my expertise through tailored learning experiences for adults (parents, teachers, administrators, and the like). Contact me anytime here.

The blog is intended to share color and consumables with visitors.

Color? As a teacher, I am anything but dry. But it is tricky to list “personality” on a resume. In my blog posts you can find some of my everyday color, influential elements of my personal and professional history, my passion for play in early childhood education, and emergent critical issues in early childhood education. Sit down and read a bit, let’s see if we can vibe.

Consumables? As a website visitor, I love to find fresh ideas over and over again in the same trusted space. At first, I wondered what you might want from me? For example, I love the Pinch of Yum website and blog for collecting ideas for dinner (Lindsay provides me with new and consistently delicious recipes). I decided to share play ideas for adults and children in recipe form. Recipes for Connection will begin accompanying blog posts soon.

Recipes for Connection are open-ended “recipes” for adult and child playful interactions. Each recipe includes a theme, a children’s book, a few play materials, suggested play paths, and some conversation starters.

Recipes for Connection

  • Promote engaged play between an adult and at least one child.
  • Can be used in homes, schools, or therapy offices.
  • Can be adapted by teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, counselors, or therapists to fit a variety of adult-child play partnerships.


Dr. Andrea Miller Emerson

Dr. Andrea Miller Emerson

Dr. Andrea Miller Emerson is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education in the Division of Education and Leadership at Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon. Andrea lives (and laughs frequently) with her husband, Kyle, and her cat, Zuzu. She brings diverse personal perspectives to early childhood education and care from her father’s Colombian heritage, her mother’s all-American culture from North Texas, her ongoing involvement with an Italian Immersion Program for pre-service teachers in Carpi, Italy, and her extensive international travel. To learn more about Dr. Emerson’s speaking engagements, or to invite her to speak, please click here